Week of Thanks – Finger Lakes

I’m often asked where I’m from.  The fact is, there’s no simple answer to this question.  I’ve lived in ten states.  I don’t see myself as a New Yorker, or an Arizonan, or a Pennsylvanian.  In my mind I’m simply an American.  But the easiest answer is I’m from Upstate New York.  Even this has little or no meaning to most people.  Tell someone from Manhattan or the Bronx that you’re from “upstate” they think you’re from Westchester, which is part of downstate in my mind.  So, to simplify an already simple answer, I tell people I’m from the Finger Lakes.  Many if not most people in the North East know what that means.  Between getting packed away to being a “Fresh Air Kid” a few summers, or a “bro” who went to Cornell or Ithaca, a visit to the wineries most people have been here or know someone who has.

As often as I complain about this area, and they are legitimate complaints, it does have beauty.

A view of three waterfalls in Watkins Glen State Park. Watkins Glen is one of the jewels of the New York State Park System with many waterfalls, trails and bridges.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, five followers who message me Friday will receive a 20% discount off their orders from my site!  Should more then five people message me for one, I’ll randomly select the five.  Please note that the 20% discount is off my portion of the cost, not the total cost.

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