Week of Thanks – Nebraska

I spent a summer once in Nebraska.  Now, when most people think of Nebraska they naturally think of corn and football.  But before the coming of the plow it looked something like this.   A “sea of grass” stretching from Canada to Texas.  Most prairies are gone now, and have been for more then a century.  Small pieces live on preserved either by accident or intentionally.  Or in some cases replanted.  That is what this tall grass prairie is.

The tall grass of the prairie sways at Homestead National Monument of America, just west of Beatrice Nebraska. This view is looking generally southwards.

Interested in visiting this restored tall grass prairie? You can find it at the wonderful Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice Nebraska. http://www.nps.gov/home/index.htm

Interested in having this photo or one of the others used in this blog? Find them here. http://joshua-house.artistwebsites.com/art/all/blog+images/all

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