Arizona-Reflections of Sedona

I spent a fair portion of my life living in Arizona.  And a good deal of that time was spent either in Sedona or thinking about the Sedona area. As you may well know, Sedona is a popular destination for photographers and for New Age adherents.  It’s also a rather popular destination for general tourism.  While there are plenty of areas around Sedona where one can get away from the crowds Cathedral Rock isn’t one of them.  Between hikers, photographers, new age groupies, bike groups and general users, it has a very high usage level.  But that doesn’t make it any less worth visiting.  Very few other areas in the US can you walk in a creek like this in mid November, let alone get photos of this amazing clarity.

The Cathedral Rock and the skies behind it reflect in the slowly chilling waters of Oak Creek in late autumn. Cathedral Rock is one of the most familiar rock formations in the Sedona area and thought by many to be the center of vortex activity.

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