Houston Wildlife- Memorial Park

While urban forests like this one are not  wildlife, they are important habitat for wildlife.  Houston’s Memorial Park dates from the early 1920s when the cities growth was beginning to pick up.  The park itself was the site of the historic Camp Logan, which was a training base for American soldiers drafted into the Army during the First World War.  Camp Logan was also the site of the so called “Houston Mutiny” in 1917, but that’s a story for another time. Following the war a movement emerged to acquire the land to use as a park and memorial to the men from Houston who died in the war.  As the city grew so did Memorial Park, adding walking trails and tennis, golf and picnic areas.  Fast forward to the twenty first century, and Memorial Park is 79 years old.  Thousands of trees that were planted decades ago have been killed by the recent drought that has often been compared to the Dust Bowl of the 1920s and 1930s.  In fact the city as a whole has lost millions of trees in the last three years.  The Houston department of Parks and Recreation and the Memorial Park Conservancy along with corporate partners have begun an extensive replanting effort to reestablish a world class urban park for Houston. Image


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