The Wandering Yankee – Bless their hearts

As part of “The Wandering Yankee (on twitter @wanderingyankee) I’m going to include a brief write-up of foolishness and reported criminal foolishness in whatever area I’m in.  The foolishness will simply be the sort of irrational behavior that seems to be acceptable some places, but would get you cursed out or worse if you lived somewhere else.  When it comes to reported criminal activity, remember, until someone is tried before a jury of his or her peers, they are not guilty, at least in a legal sense. I won’t be naming people, even if their names are reported in the news.  If you check elsewhere online I’m sure you’ll be able to find the individuals.

This week we’re talking about Harris County, Texas.

  1.  This week, I was walking along the jogging path in Hermann Park, centered between downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center I watched a family of four walk directly onto the golf course, about 150-175 yards ahead of a group teeing off.  The course has been part of the park for over fifty years, and has signs all over the place saying not to walk across the course.  Now, naturally not everyone plays golf, but it is all around us, on broadcast TV, on ESPN, and as I said the course is an old one for Houston.  Yet when the golfers yell ahead to this family of four to get off the course, the adults pay no attention at all, continuing to look down at their phones, and the children just freeze, looking around for where the voice came from.  The golfers yell again and the family moves all of ten feet towards the jogging path.  When yelled to again the family gets offended. Yep, you’re dumb as all get out and don’t even know it, “bless your hearts”.
  2. According to local news outlets, yet another high school teacher in Harris County has lost their job for having sex with a student.  Now, this happens all over the country, in both public and private schools, and is wrong, criminal and sinful.  In the past few months however, Harris County and the adjoining counties seem to have had a stunningly high amount of arrests, perhaps it is statistically higher here, or perhaps the local media has decided that this is the issue of the year to cover.  I really can’t say.  What makes this case all the more impressively odd is that the woman involved came forward herself to report it, because the former student had reportedly decided to blackmail her. Now, clearly she’s in the wrong here, and her victim/blackmailer is too, but I have to ask myself, just how much was this kid asking for? Rather than pay, this woman chose to report him and lose her job, her possibility of ever working as a teacher again, her pension, and may end up doing time in prison.  “Bless their hearts”.
  3. Ok, in this case the fool is me.  You see, where I’m from, you know New York, we have these dangerous liberal ideas like even odd parking, actually marking are and aren’t allowed to park, and (generally) not allowing on street parking on five lane streets. In Houston its acceptable to have a street barely wide enough for two lanes of traffic to have parking on both sides, parking is generally allowed anywhere, and if you’ve got a church mosque or whatever on a street with a median wide enough for cars to park on it you can park there.  Hell you can apparently even park a car there in order to sell it.  I’m told this behavior is an artifact of people originally being from small towns, but personally I feel if you want to actually be seen as a world class city like NYC Boston Chicago SF or LA, you need to try and convince people they’re not in the bayou any more.  You should also try and catch up with tiny cities like Salt Lake City as far as a mass transit system, considering all of Utah has a population ~1/2 of Harris County,, but that’s a story for a different time.  Anyway, I made the “mistake” of believing that this Wild West theory of parking applied everywhere in the city, and because someone had removed a “No Parking Here to Corner” sign to plant new turf in front of their townhome, I had a forty dollar trip to the library.  “Bless My Heart”.

Of course another question one could raise is why there is no free parking for Montrose Library aside from on street parking, or why there’s no library in the TMC neighborhood but that’s another issue.

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