Great project to support, “Because of Them, We Can”

Ok, I freely admit this feels a bit odd.  I really don’t ask others for support very often for myself, let alone others.  At any rate, I’ve been occasionally following Eunique Jones Gibson and her ongoing “Because of Them, We Can”  photo project. This project involves her photographing children dressed as historic African-Americans in a celebration of the achievements of the past and the hope that youth represent for the future.  Not only is this a great project for its social impact, its use of children to represent the past is creative genius.  This is a very worthwhile project and one that I hope to see funded completely, and is a book I’d seriously consider buying in a bookstore when I come across it.

Want to consider donating?  Here’s the link.

And here is a link to Eunique’s work over all.

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