Columbus’ Daughter

Driving through the other neighborhood

Pointed towards downtown

I saw Columbus’ Daughter


Weighed down by her world

Facing towards Drake’s skyline

But this is still her city


All around us both

The smell of chilis

Fill the air


And on the corner wall

The Indian Virgin

Reigns adorned


Somewhere in this city

Perhaps She has a mural

Alongside Her sisters from Lourdes and Fatima


But over here

She is brown

And I am white


She is not my Virgin

But we are all Her sons

Chicano and Anglo alike


This is Columbus Daughter’s city

This daughter of two worlds

And we’re all just visiting


Some fools will say

That it’s our country

But we’re just renting it from her


Soon we all will be shades of brown

Into that 6th world

All Columbus’ sons and daughters

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