Privilege in Arizona (and beyond)


A friend and I have a competition going about whose home state is more crazy (she’s from South Carolina) and last week she ceded that with the passing of SB1062, Arizona was definitely winning.

The legislation is pretty troubling, not to mention confusing. To be clear, SB1062 is an amendment to a previous law, and will allow business owners to refuse service to individuals based on religious beliefs. It now sits on the desk of Governor Jan Brewer waiting for a signature.

In the days since the law passed both houses of the Arizona legislature, many voices have urged Brewer to veto, including both of the states Republican Senators, the conservative Mayor of Mesa, and even 3 of the state senators who voted for the law in the first place. With that much pressure, it’s hard to see the law not being vetoed…though I put nothing out of…

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