Wine, Tourism and Art

You climb northwards along the western side of Keuka Lake, following County Route 76 out of Hammondsport, quickly leaving lake level behind you. You pass by old houses and new, and soon the road begins to roll following the topography of a plateau carved by the last ice age. Along both sides of the road you begin to see vineyards and wineries climbing up and down the surrounding slopes. The grapes leafs and the forest have both begun to change casting a golden glow to the surrounding area. After a few minutes you reach an overlook above the lake stretching out beneath you. Keuka Lake, often called the Crooked Lake embraces a bluff, forming a Y shaped furrow in the earth. The American wine industry began here, along the western shore of Keuka Lake and it still flourishes here.

July is the peak of tourism in the Finger Lakes area, with generations of families visiting lake houses and newcomers leasing a place for the first time. Summer people pump money into the local economy, dining in restaurants and bars, buying groceries in the local store and fuel for boats and cars. They visit campgrounds from Watkins Glen to Dansville to Ithaca and Sodus, causing small towns populations to swell in the summer, and they buy wine.

This July I’m proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to buy my art of the Finger Lakes region while growing your own wine cellar at home., in conjunction with my primary photo printer will provide you with a code to receive $100 of free wine. There are of course conditions that apply, so be sure to read them closely. The main ones are that they are legally prohibited from shipping to a few states and you must be a first time buyer.

The sun rises over Keuka Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

The sun rises over Keuka Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.



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