Adirondack Summer

The Intrepid and I spent one summer exposing ourselves to the elements in the Adirondacks off northern New York. This particular job posed a fair bit of risk of the Intrepid and I permanently separated from one another, because I would park it in the woods and come back to it five days later. Yes, I know that sounds nuts. And I suppose it was. But despite the risk of the car being stolen or broken into it never was.

Just what sort of job was it you ask? Well, I was what they called a “Back Country Steward”, which is similar to a Forest Ranger without arrest powers or training in firefighting. I would drive the Intrepid as far as the car could make it into the woods without getting it stuck on a single lane fire road. From there I would carry everything I’d need for the next five days. Food in a bear can, my tent, sleeping bag, clothing, first aid kit, raingear, one or two paperback novels, a headlamp and of course my water purifier and small stove. I also carried the tools I needed to do the job, a pair of loppers, site survey equipment, GPS unit, maps, and a brick of a radio to contact the dispatch office.

There were weeks where I would go the whole five days without seeing a person after leaving the trail head. Other weeks I would see several hundred people, it depended a great deal on what part of my area I was working in. I saw sunsets and sunrises from the top of mountains, followed trails no one had been on in more than a year, camped beside half-forgotten ponds, and prevented night hikers from falling to their deaths in a dense fog above Lake George. I got bit by mosquitos gnats and black flies. I got leaches at least twice. I balanced on the edge of beaver dams to cross their ponds without having to wade in belly deep water. I documented damage to lean-tos and outhouses, signs and docks. I photographed Palmer Pond which has been developed to be accessible for people with disabilities.



The photographer's tent beside Little Jabe Pond in Hague New York

The photographer’s tent beside Little Jabe Pond in Hague New York



My stove posed above Lake George.

My stove posed above Lake George.

To see more of my work from the Adirondacks please follow the link below.

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