That time I wasn’t arrested for being an ax murderer.

That summer in the Adirondacks led to many opportunities. I climbed the highest peak in the state for the first time since I was 13 or 14. I made friendships that continue to this day even though we’re now spread across the Western Hemisphere. I got to camp where I wanted, photographed any number of amazing sights, and assisted many campers and hikers while also documenting campsite impact and clearing trails.

Now, if you’ve ever done any backpacking you know that you will end your trip dirty. And when part of your job will involve clearing trail as well as occasionally digging holes for new outhouses, and the like it’s all the “worse”. Once while driving back from the eastern portion of the forest I saw a pair of hitchhikers trying to reach Vermont heading the other way. Since I didn’t have any real plans for the next two days I started looking around for a good spot to turn around and head back east on State Route 149. As I pulled into a small pull off, I happened to catch a glance at myself in the mirror. I was caked with mud, and the back seat had a hatchet, shovel and pair of loppers in plain sight. I might not have any plans, but that didn’t mean I wanted to spend a day or two in the lockup at the Warren County jail while my boss was interviewed and my story checked out! So the Intrepid and I survived another week.

Millman Pond, facing northwards towards the outlet to Lapland Pond.

Millman Pond, facing northwards towards the outlet to Lapland Pond.

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