Backpacking Food – a pair of videos staring my Jetboil and even a recipe

People need to eat.  All the more when one is backpacking.  There are many, many good recipes online for cooking over a stove or over a campfire while backpacking, but I’m going to share a pair of videos that show what I ate fairly frequently.  You’ll notice that what I’m eating can be found in any grocery store, and is stuff you may well eat at home, rather then a meal specifically made for backpacking and sold in its own little isle at REI or EMS or wherever.  I’m using the Jetboil Sol, which doesn’t seem to be in production any more (God knows why, mine works perfectly fine).


(Warning, I have to put the camera down to light the stove which messes with the axis in this video.  If you get motion sick easily you may want to skip it.)

(Why people end up 7-8 miles into the woods without a map is beyond me.)

As I said, the meal I had there was bought at the local grocery chain for northern New York and parts of New England called Price Chopper.  I imagine most people who backpack don’t actually eat Mountain House style meals since you can get prepackaged food at a grocery for less.  I certainly don’t know many people who eat those.

Other meals I ate.

Couscous with and without chicken- Couscous packs down very small due to its being round.  There is virtually no space between the pasta when in a Ziplock bag.

Rice w/ w/o chicken

Tortillas with peanut butter- this was my lunch almost daily for 3 months, whole wheat tortillas (not traditional I know) with peanut butter is a whole protein.  Again tortillas pack down flat.

precooked salmon- much like the chicken seen in the videos above, you can get salmon in the same packages.  They also make tuna like that but I don’t care for tuna.


And now for the recipe.

Boil water

add PLAIN instant oatmeal

add one serving of instant coffee

Remove from heat and stir together.

Add raisins, craisins, sugar or some other sweet to cut the taste of instant coffee.



Photos from around the Adirondacks can be seen here.


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