East Coast Lunches Houston Style

Houston draws people from around the world, due to its ties to the petrochemical industry, large ethnic communities, and being one of North America’s largest ports.  There is likely an expat community for every country in Houston, and with that comes food.


Yet at the same time, you get restaurants from other regions of the United States  as well.  Naturally there is Tex-Mex and BBQ, but you can also find Cajan, Soul Food, Southwestern food, vegan, and surprise surprise, east coast food.  In the past couple weeks I’ve had the chance to visit two.  One, is Mainely Sandwiches location on Shepherd.  They have an amazing lobster roll, easily the best I’ve had in years, as well as fried clams that were served right from the fryer, it seemed.  The second is Neilsen’s Deli on Richmond, which reminded me of many deli’s from the north east, with a great pastrami on rye, a narrow bar-stool seating area facing the windows onto Richmond, and reflects a part of Houston’s history at 60 years in business.


Neilsen’s is at 4500 Richmond (just inside the loop)


Mainely Sandwiches has three locations, and a food truck.  I visited their location at 3310 Shepherd.  Their others are on the North Freeway and in Kingwood.

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