Photo Experiment – 24 Frames

The nationally syndicated comic strip “Baby Blues” ( ) had a daily strip several years ago where the father talked about how when he was a child their family would use two rolls of film in a year, for birthdays and for vacation, while cell phones his children would take that many at breakfast.  Part of digital photography is the fact so many photographers now say “good enough” or the infamous “I’ll fix it in post” rather then seeking to get it right with the frames you’ve got.  After all having space for 5000 or more RAW images on a card is little different from saying you can just keep clicking til Monday comes.


So, for the next few weeks whenever I shoot to shoot (rather then a contract job hint hint) it will be as if I were shooting 24 frames, heck I may even dig out an old 1 gig card that’s somewhere on this messy desk.

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