Things you missed today

So, you’ve spent your day fighting the culture wars on one side or the other on social media.

Here’s some other important s*** you may have missed.

1.  The death toll in Nepal is expected to climb over 10,000.  That’s the equivalent of a good sized liberal arts college in the US gone.

2.  The eight of the Bali Nine were executed.  Say what you like about capital punishment, and say what you like about capital  punishment for drug dealers, but Australia complaining that it’s citizens are getting killed in other countries for crimes they commit  in those countries, under those countries laws is another form of cultural imperialism.

3.  Bernie Sanders is announcing his run for the Presidency this Thursday.  Will he win?   Almost certainly not.  Can he even win a state primary outside of Vermont or New Hampshire?  Maybe.  He’s certainly an alternative to Hillary Clinton.

4.  OK Not really important, but how bad is the AL West if the ASTROS can lead it?

5. There are other companies in this world with listeria in their ice cream besides Blue Bell.

6.  The lead singer of “The Kingsmen” died.  Best known for their cover of Louie Louie, they got  themselves investigated by the FBI for obscenity Kingsmen version the Richard Berry and the Pharaohs original.

And to make it all the more interesting, Todd Snider’s song about misunderstood lyrics.

Oh, and in case you forgot.  It’s still America, and we still kill black folks for no good reason.  What’s worse is sometimes we let mall cops do it.

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