NaNoWriMo Bonus Material- The world of “The Four Republics”.

The Four Republics has been floating around in my mind for nearly a decade now.  It departs from our own timeline somewhere in the early 1800s, with Hamilton and Burr reaching a personal detente rather than fighting a duel.

Hamilton and a group of other investors including the Morris brothers (who had not gone bankrupt in the 1790s) assist in the Louisiana Purchase.  The investors receive title to the land north/east of the Missouri while the federal government receives the land to its south and west.


Meanwhile the Mexicans are able to overthrow the Royalist forces under command of Allende who is able to better contain the anger of the peons against land owners and defeats them in 1816.  Needing to find a practical way to settle Tejas (Texas) and the vast basically empty interior of Mexico Allende and Fr. Hidalgo open the region to settlers. Rather than opening it to Americans under Austin they instead open it to Irish Catholics as well as other oppressed Catholics in northern and Eastern Europe.

The Federated Republic of Central America and Gran Columbia do not collapse into squabbling nations but both continue on as actual countries.  We’ll see more about Gran Columbia soon.

Unable to expand westward into Texas slavery begins a slow painful death in the United States.  Early 19th century planting practices ruin soil, and while legal in Louisiana, Arkansas and southern Missouri it is not legalized in the Morris holdings north of the Missouri river (It is of course also not legal in the North West Territories).

During a panic in 1840 the Morris Company collapses, creating a period of prolonged economic depression, as well as numerous land disputes in the Morris territories.  The Federal government takes control of all unsold land in the Morris territories in 1845.

During the Great Famine nearly one in three Irish depart Ireland, most of them for Tejas, California, and to a lesser extent Nuevo Mexico.

1848, Gold is discovered in California at Sullivan’s Mill, and a second wave of Irish and other immigrants arrive in Alta California.  Mexican officials begin construction of railroads within California, as well as connecting Central Mexico to the Rio Grande Valley and the Irish communities in eastern Texas along the Brazos and Trinity rivers.  Vanderbilt begins operating across the Nicaraguan isthmus in the Federated Republic of Central America.  It eventually becomes the primary crossing point using a railroad with car ferry across Lake Nicaragua.

1858 sees Abraham Lincoln selected as senator from Illinois by the state legislature.  He allies himself with Straton of Massachusetts (then a member of the House) as well as other Republicans.

1860 Lincoln becomes the Republican candidate for President while defeating Douglas as the Northern Democratic candidate and Breckenridge as the southern candidate.

1861 as the various states break away from the union Lee decides to remain with the Union army, having spent most of his adult life in free territories and coming to despise slavery he chose to free the Curtis slaves as soon as possible.



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