We now call it “Victory”.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

Does this image look like Victory or Loss?

Copyright Joshua House 2015

Liberty in Distress within the World War One Memorial in Atlantic City New Jersey.

We now see the First World War as a victory.  But the war ended with an Armistice rather then actual victory.  It wasn’t until the next year that the war formally ended.  And the United States didn’t chose to sign the treaty and negotiated a seperate series of treaties in 1921. The United States had lost more then 100000 men, while not receiving any clear benefit from the war it had chosen to enter.  The monuments erected in the years following tend towards sorrow and loss, They show death, they show horror.  They list the dead in their thousands.  In a time where influenza stalked the country striking down the rich and poor, strong and weak and a draft had dragged men away from the farm, store and factory to die in France or the waters of the Atlantic, the war and the flu intertwined in the nation’s minds,  Compare this to monuments for more recent wars you’ve seen.  There is no clear mourning in the structures themselves.  It is missing.  Forgotten by a public that so often wants to memorialize but not to feel.

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1 Response to We now call it “Victory”.

  1. You raise interesting points about the war. Thanks for the food for thought

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