Lunch and Photos in Downtown Houston

I had to go downtown for jury duty today.  I wasn’t selected, in fact, my number never came up at all.  I got kicked loose about 11:15 AM.  I’d already arranged to have the day off from work (the magic of comp time) so there I was with nothing to really do.  First task was to find lunch.  I’d not really had breakfast, just a fair bit of coffee and it as getting to be time.

Unlike much of the city downtown Houston is pretty decent

to walk in.  So I just started walking until I spotted a place that interested me.  I ended up across the street from the historic Sam Houston Hotel at a little place named Louis Deli.  Louis is a classic greasy spoon location in the best meaning of the word.  There for at least 20 years this isn’t some new hipster fake place. In fact aside from the delivery person I was the youngest person in there, and I’m closer to 40 then 30.  I ended up going with the beef gyro (there wasn’t any lamb) and it was quite good.  Some day I intend to do a serious study of gyro options in Houston but the time hasn’t come yet.  Louis is certainly in the top half of gyros I’ve eaten in Houston though.


Having eaten I decided to take a bit of a walk before catching the bus back home.  I didn’t have the camera with me, since I didn’t think they’d let me into the courthouse complex with it, but did end up getting a couple interesting shots with the phone.

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