2016 Novel- Different Paths

“He wants to what???”

“You heard me.  He wants to actually address the media when we give him the big check.”

“What do we actually know about him?”

“Well, he works for the city down there.  Or did.  I’m not sure he’s formally resigned but I can only imagine he will.  He’s rich as god now after all.  Unmarried, has a blog, tweets, does some photography.  He didn’t do anything stupid like tweet out a photo of the winning ticket or post an announcement of a huge party on social media.  He’s a baseball fan, my nephew actually follows him on Twitter it turns out.  Maybe he’ll try and buy a baseball team.”

“Well, he won a lot, but the Dodgers sold for what two billion dollars?  It’s not even quite a fourth of that, and he’ll have a lot of taxes to pay.   What sort of photography?  Nothing graphic I take it if he works for the city.  He’s college educated I imagine?”

“Yes, white, 40, unmarried, no children.  From what I c could find from other state offices he’s not registered with either major party, doesn’t have any registered firearms, drives, pays his taxes.  From his twitter feed he vacations out west and goes up north in August to visit family.  Well I’d imagine everyone in Houston who can leave in August does.  He’s never been in court in this state at least.  Went to a state college.  It’s all landscape photography from what I can find.”

“Well what harm can there be, if he’s another idiot he’ll lose the money soon enough, some kid he never knew about, cousins out of the woodwork, someone he beat up in a bar twenty years ago.  They all show up when you’re in the public eye after winning Powerball.”

“And if he’s not an idiot?”

“He has 455 million dollars and is intentionally letting people know he has it on TV.  If Ben Franklin was here he’d say that it was the definition of idiocy.”

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