Different Paths Pt 3

The two Texas Lottery employees looked at each other in shock.  When they’d agreed to allow Mr. Blaine to speak they’d had no idea what was coming.

“Did that just happen?  Did we just use a state office to help announce the creation of a political party?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.  Not much we can do about it now.  Just hope that the governor understands we were unaware of what was going to happen.  You were unaware I take it?”


“Oh, God yes. I’d have never even considered allowing it if I’d known.  It is interesting though.”

“Don’t tell me you’re actually thinking it has a chance??”

“No, well maybe it does but that’s not what I meant.  We’ve only his word right now that he has consulted with all these people.  What it might be is a tax dodge.”

“Are you serious?  How, he’s not wrong about the cost of politics these days.”

“It could be a tax dodge because political parties are non-profits.  Non-profits that take in a great deal of money and don’t always have to account for how it is spent and on who and what.  I really don’t know all the rules, but he could donate all his winnings to this American Congress Party and then use it to filter the money back to him as ‘expenses’ think of it as a half billion-dollar business lunch.”

“I see.  That is a question for accountants and lawyers.  Well I’m going to be in my office waiting for the phone to ring and emails to pour in.  Between our governor the senators and the legislature I’m sure it’s going to be a busy afternoon.  He said something about a meeting to schedule he’s not doing that here is he?”

“We are accountants and lawyers.  But no, he handed me an itinerary as he left.  Apparently the ACP has rented offices in a building over near the University.”

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