Different Paths Pt 4

Nancy Nguyen was excited by the new position.  She had worked for a startup oil exploration app that had ultimately failed, but she’d learned a lot.  She’d worked for a distant cousin’s political campaign in Harris county that had succeeded and now she was combining the two experiences.  No one had tried to create a national political party out of whole cloth in more than a century.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.  As each of you chose to be present for the news conference you and your organizations are in on the ground floor sort to speak.  While we’ll of course work with all the various media groups Mr. Blaine is ready to do interviews with your six organizations today and tomorrow.  Ms. Jamison, what became of the ABC camera crew?

Nancy, we had the local station’s mobile unit on the way here when there was a major accident.  No one from the station was hurt, but they got tied up in traffic.

Alright, how does this sound?  NBC and ABC use the KXAN footage, and we have a joint interview with Lester Holt and George Stephanopoulos tomorrow morning.  This afternoon we’ll do interviews with the AP, Chronicle and American Statesman, and this evening we’ll tape an hour interview with KTBU.  The station can then send it out for NPR.

Becki Bourgeoisie piped up.  “I’m not sure I’m in a position to give away our station’s tape.  We’ll have to check with the station and the network.  With sweeps coming…”

Samantha Jamison was also uncertain.   “While I see nothing wrong with a joint interview I would also have to clear it with the Network.”

“Right, then we’ll figure that out as soon as possible.  Let me know what the networks decide.  We need to have an answer by 5 central time.”

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