Different Paths Pt 6

The call came in at Paul Smith’s office in the Lottery Commission office a little after 6 PM.  He’d stayed knowing that the call would come.

“Why the fuck didn’t you call me the moment this tragisty of a press conference ended?  Ah am the governah of the second largest in this country and one of the most powerful Republicans outside of Washington!  And some nobody just got on a state owned stage in my capitol and said that our American way of life is wrong!   He said we need to change how we vote, who we vote for, and that we needed to keep welfare!  Who is this carpet bagger anyway?”

Governor don’t worry.  All he is is a nobody who got a lot of money suddenly and decided to become a somebody in a unique way.  He didn’t date a Kardashian.  He didn’t buy a sports franchise.  He founded a political party that will likely draw less than the Greens.   In five years he’ll be a footnote, a punchline at national debates and on TMZ.

“You’d damned better hope so.  The legislature is already starting an investigation.  It’s what they’re for.  The senators have already called.  Some of the house members have too.  Even some of these damned democrats have called.  Is this a plot, is this a donkey headed democratic plot? Should I call out the National Guard?”

“Who knows governor.   It’s hard to tell.  We’ll learn more as time goes by I’m sure.”

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