Lost in the Bells Part Three

Agent Gonzalez pulled the night vision gear out from its pocket in his backpack and backed out of the tent.  As he walked away from the circle of tents and the fire pan he booted the goggles up.  Out beyond the edges of the fire’s halo he pulled the goggles on over his head and peered out into the surrounding forest.  While the technology had advanced over the decades the idea of looking anywhere near the fire with them on disturbed him.

He began a slow clockwise walk around the campsite gazing out into the words, uncertain just what he’d see.  He was surprised by the number of small mammals that showed, along with what he assumed must be birds, or perhaps squirrels in the trees.  He had gotten part way through a second circuit when he yelled out.

“What the fuck was that!?”

Agent James came running up, his pistol already in his hand.

“What, what did you see?”

“If I knew I’d tell you.  It’s gone now.  It was big, I just caught a glimpse of it and then it moved off further into the woods.”

“So it wasn’t a person?”

“Fuck no.  Not unless there’s a 6-foot-tall infant out here.  It was on four legs.”

“A bear maybe?  They mostly go around on all four legs right?”

“I’ve seen bears on night vision before.  It wasn’t a bear.”

“Shit.  This isn’t good.”

“I know it’s not.  What do you think?”

“I think we’ve got a cougar interested in us.”

“Shit.  When’s Dodd due back?”

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