How I write Fiction

How I write fiction- Joshua House

I realize that all authors of fiction write it in different ways.  Many still write long hand and then have it transcribed, or transcribe it themselves.  Others write simply on a word processor, typewriter or computer.  Some plot out the entire story in their minds, while others allow it to flow out onto the page.

Where is this?

The fiction that I’ve written and posted on this blog has, with one exception been free to flow out as it is written.  For example, that’s why the current story is titled “Lost in the Bells”.  When it was started I intended to set it in the Maroon Bells -Snowmass region in Colorado, but in fact, I’ve never been there, and the setting has become a fictional region of mountains with no clear map.

Who is this President?

When I first had the idea for this short story I was picturing what it would be like to work with, well I wasn’t sure who.  You’ll notice that the person being guarded by the two Secret Service Agents isn’t a real political figure.  It’s not Bill Clinton, who when this is written (March and April 2016) stands a good chance of becoming the first man to be the spouse of the President of the United States.  Should Hillary Clinton become president he will define the roll for all future husbands of Presidents.  Nor is the fictional character a fictional Barack Obama, although a fictional Barack Obama is mentioned in this story.  While Bill Clinton may become the first “First Dude” President Obama will have the chance to redefine the life of a former President.  He will be a mere year older then George W. Bush was when he became president, and two years younger than Jimmy Carter was when he left the White House.  As a still relatively young man President Obama may well go backpacking with teens from the South Side, lecture at the University of Chicago, Stanford, Harvard, or any other university he chooses.  He could return to Hawaii and live on his family property on the north shore and surf for the rest of his life, or he could follow Jimmy Carter into humanitarianism.  The world is open to him, much as it was to Bill Clinton in 2001

I would be gratified to have the opportunity to serve either of these men as they define their respective potential future roles.

What is S.S.O.I.L.

The Social Security Office of Intentional Liens is a somewhat nonsensical system for saving Social Security where families sign over their real estate to the Federal Government in exchange for a comfortable retirement.  Obviously it has some flaws, otherwise I’d be running for office, but as a plot device it’s not bad.

Who is Dodd?

Dodd is a former USFS Forest Ranger who works with the fictional Barack Obama’s foundation and library in the South Side of Chicago.  Although an acquaintance of the former President, it is an employer-employee relationship.  Dodd’s wife, who is mentioned is also an employee of the presidential library.

Dodd is based on Rangers that I have known over the years, and is who I would like to be, a Ranger who gets the job done, ‘everyone goes home, safety begins with me’.

Dodd is of course named for “Rifleman Dodd” by C.S. Forester.

What is “Big W Wilderness”?

Believe it or not, Wilderness is a legally defined term.  Federal Wilderness are defined by the Wilderness  Act of 1964.  The Wilderness society has a good overview of their purpose and history here.  Wilderness Society overview of the concept of Wilderness

Will we see these characters again?

Perhaps.  There are certainly stories that could be told about both Dodd and former President Mulligan.

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