Lost in the Bells Part Six

“8034, I’m seeing a great deal of smoke coming off the fire between you and your trailhead.”

“I’m starting to see wisps of it myself.  This really doesn’t look good.  I’m going to be honest, I don’t know the current forest manager at all.  If a helicopter landed up in the alpine zone on Scruggs Peak how much would he lose his shit?”

“It’s big W Wilderness.  You know that.  He’d have hell to pay with every environmental group West of the 100th.  Why are you even asking that? Just who do you have with you if not the former president?

“I said Obama wasn’t with me.  I didn’t say I didn’t have a former president with me.  The First Dude is out here with a pair of secret service agents and twelve teenage boys from his foundation on the North Side of Chicago.”

“So basically you’re saying that if you get up on top of Scruggs Peak to avoid the fire you may call for a helicopter?”

“I’m saying that one may be sent either way.  It may not be legal, but it’s next to impossible to prevent.”

“Well, that’s true enough.  Anyway, if you’re beside Inmann Pond you’d better get them underway soon.  By the way, I was speaking to one of the naturalists earlier, he said that a cougar they’ve got a collar on is near there.”

“Yeah, just to make things more fun.  I saw it’s tracks earlier, and the agents spotted it just before sunrise using their night vision gear.  Seems to be letting them alone.  Where abouts is the naturalist?”

“Along the tree line on Scruggs Peak actually.  He’s up there working with some students looking at marmots.”

“How many students?”

“Four plus the naturalist, so that’s a party of five, plus your fifteen, and you of course for twenty-one.  So, who misses the ride out?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

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