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Oregon Trail Card Game Thoughts

Many of us over the age of twenty-five began learning about the concept of Manifest Destiny playing the classic computer game “Oregon Trail” which went through numerous versions over the decades and innumerable operating systems that allowed players to travel … Continue reading

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Neighborhood stores

I live in one neighborhood and work in another.  Every morning when I head to work I pass two stores, both are owned by immigrant families from South Asia but one is along the main road leading into the Texas … Continue reading

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Different Paths Pt 5

Time passed, as time always does and eventually after a lot of phoning around to both networks permission was granted to use the NBC footage for a joint interview the next morning.  NBC retained the rights to use it for … Continue reading

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Lunch and Photos in Downtown Houston

I had to go downtown for jury duty today.  I wasn’t selected, in fact, my number never came up at all.  I got kicked loose about 11:15 AM.  I’d already arranged to have the day off from work (the magic … Continue reading

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Ten and a half hour Cyanotype Exposure

Today I’m seeing what I get with a very long cyanotype exposure.  It will be sitting in the sun for about ten and a half hours.  Results this evening after 8 Central.   For those wondering it will be this … Continue reading

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Cyanotype Sunday

Cyanotype Sunday will be an ongoing series of images created in the historic photographic process known as cyanotype.  I have used black and white negatives that I have created from my photography and printed on 8.5×11 transparency sheets.  I then … Continue reading

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20% Discount!

I am offering a 20% discount off the artists profit on my website from now until midnite 11/28 eastern time.  Use  TZBZCC at checkout.  If you’ve any questions or pieces you’ve seen on here that you can’t find on the … Continue reading

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Photography as a Treat

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.” One of the biggest treats of my photographic “career” was getting paid on a regular basis for doing photography.  I do a lot of photography, but it isn’t strictly speaking … Continue reading

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Monochromatic Infrared Tea House

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Monochromatic.” I’ve written about  Hermann Park and the Japanese Garden there in the past, but it is one of my favorite places to photograph in Houston.  Over the past three years I’ve … Continue reading

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Water Bladders: Hiking and other uses

Most people who hike and backpack have at least one water bladder.  I have at least two, and I think somewhere in the recesses of my long living 04 Cavalier a third one lurks awaiting it’s turn.  We’re used to … Continue reading

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