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Bird in the Hand Activity Sheet

This activity sheet looks at our relationship with wild animals and how they may become dependent on humans.  I hope you find it useful.   birds-and-you-pdf

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Cyanotype Sunday

Cyanotype Sunday will be an ongoing series of images created in the historic photographic process known as cyanotype.  I have used black and white negatives that I have created from my photography and printed on 8.5×11 transparency sheets.  I then … Continue reading

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Nebraska and Tall Grass Prairies

Six years ago I spent the summer working in south eastern Nebraska, writing about the nature and history of the state for the National Park Service in conjunction with the Student Conservation Association.  This was intended to coincide with Ken … Continue reading

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Arizona- Grand Canyon

Chances are, you’ve been to the Grand Canyon. In fact, since most of the people who read this blog right now are people who know me, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been there with me.  That being said, it … Continue reading

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Arizona-Reflections of Sedona

I spent a fair portion of my life living in Arizona.  And a good deal of that time was spent either in Sedona or thinking about the Sedona area. As you may well know, Sedona is a popular destination for … Continue reading

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A Visit to Stony Brook State Park

Stony Brook State Park is a physically small park when compared to Watkins Glen or the nearby Letchworth State Park.  But I feel it may be my favorite of the three.  That may be because it is the one I’ve … Continue reading

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